About Myanmar

Introducing to MYANMAR in brief


Due to the historical evident ,the early period in 11th Century, King Anawrahta was unified the country and founded the first Myanmar Empire in Bagan . Now a day, Bagan was the ancient archaeological site in Myanmar.The second Myanmar Empire was founded in 16th Century by King Baying Naung in Bago and the third Myanmar empire was founded by King Alaung Phaya in 1752 and it was during the zenith of the empire when British moved into Myanmar. Myanmar was became a British colony after three times of Anglo Myanmar Wars broke out in 1825, 1852, & 1885. During the Second World War, Myanmar was occupied by the Japanese from 1942 till the return of the Allied Forces in 1945. Myanmar has had their independent from British in 4th January 1948. But in 1962, forcibly ruled by Military over 50years. In November 2015, government had held general election in the whole country and the result was awesome. Leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s party NLD was won over 75% and united as a pure government in 1st April 2016 . Because of 2008 constitution , Daw Aung San Suu Kyi can’t be a president. So , U Htin Kyaw was chosen as a President and his wife Daw Su Su Lwin was the first lady of Myanmar and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi handle as State Counsellor of the Union Of Myanmar.


Myanmar has a total area of 676,577 sq km and it was twice of the size of Vietnam and about the size of United Kingdom & France combined. Geographically, Myanmar is the largest country of the South East Asian Peninsula sharing borders with Bangladesh, India ,China, Laos & Thailand. Myanmar was surrounded by sea in West and South.


Myanmar has the effects of the monsoon in different parts of the country. Temperature was varies from 38 C' to 19 C'; humidity from 82.2% to 66 %.Myanmar has three distinctive seasons as hot ( March to May ), rainy (June to October ) and winter ( November to February ).



The capital of Kachin State and located in Northern Myanmar and famous for his natural resource .The hottest months are April, May & June. The average maximum temperature is 36 C. Rainy will starts in May and end around August. Average maximum rainfall is 21.5".



The capital of Shan state, 5,000 ft above sea level. March, April and May are the hottest, and November, December and January are the coldest at average 8 C. Rain starts in May and falls most in July/ August. Last year's maximum rainfall: 16.0" ( in September)


The hottest time is April and the coldest ( average 8 C.) is December or January. Rain starts in June, and July gets the highest rainfall. Last year's maximum rainfall: 10.4" (in July)


The capital of Mandalay division. April is the hottest and January is the coldest. Max. Temp..39 C. Min. Temp.: 14 C.. Rain usually starts in June. Last year's maximum rainfall: 11:35" (in May)



A pleasant hill resort over 3,000 ft above sea level, just 2 hours drive from Mandalay. In April average temperature is 24 C: January- the coldest at 15 C.
Last year's maximum rainfall: 14.3" (in May)


Capital of Magwe Division located in the Central of Myanmar. April is the hottest ( average 41.4 C.) & January is coldest ( average 10.9 C.) There is much difference in temperature between the hot season and cold season. It starts to rain in May. Last year's maximum rain fall: 8.62" (in May)


The capital of Rakhine state. Only 15 ft above sea level: Lies at the mouth of Katalan River. April is the hottest ( average 33.8 C.) and January the coldest ( average 15.7 C ). Rain starts in June. Rain falls most in June, July, August. Last year's maximum rainfall: 54.95" (in July)


The capital of Ayeyarwady Division ( Lower Myanmar ) March is the hottest ( average 35.3 C) and January is the coldest ( average 18.4 C ). Rain starts in May and its rainy season lasts about 6 months. maximum rainfall is about 27.38" (in June)


The capital of Myanmar, situated at North Latitude 16°46" and East Longitude 96°10" March is the hottest ( average 36 C) and December the coldest ( average 17.2 C ).Generally rain starts in June. Last year's maximum rainfall: 22" ( in April )


The capital of Mon State. It lies on the left bank of the Thanlwin River , 28 miles away from the sea. The hottest month is March (average 35 C) and the coldest is December (average 17.2 C). Rain starts in May. Last year's maximum rainfall: 75.6" (in July).


The capital of Taninthayi Division. March is the hottest ( average 35 C ) and December the coldest ( average 15.9 C ). Rain starts in May. Last year's maximum rainfall: 62.75" (in July).


Mother language is Myanmar and English is widely used in many cities like Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and Inle lake where tourist visiting site. Chinese is able to use in somewhere mostly at the cities near the border of China.


About 87% of population are Buddhists. Christians, Muslims, Hindus and other religion are freely worship in Myanmar even some animists also. However, there is full freedom of worship for follows of other religions. Christian missionaries have been active in Myanmar since British colonial period . Among them, the American Baptists were first on the scene.


Myanmar was located on the cross-roads of two great countries, China and India. Myanmar has own culture but had influent well by India and China’s characteristics. Buddhism has great influence on daily life of the Myanmar. The people have preserved the traditions of close family ties, respect for the elders, reverence for Buddhism and simple native dress. Myanmar peoples are well known around the world for their simple hospitality and friendliness.


Union of Myanmar has united various kinds of nationalities . There are 8-Main races and they had their over culture ,religion and languages. The 8-Major races are Kachin ,Kayah ,Kayin ,Chin ,Bamar ,Mon ,Rakhine ,Shan and they are mostly live in their State and Divisions.
Myanmar has 7State and 7divisions and Bamar live more in 7divisions. There has 135 small national races in 8 major races.















Myanmar currency is Kyat.
Notes: 10000 / 5000 / 1000 / 500 / 200 / 100 / 50 / 20 / 10 / 5 / 1


Drink only bottled or boiled water.


Especially famous for Jewellery as Jade, Ruby ,Sapphire, natural pearl and so on.
Bargaining is natural and feel free to ask for a proper discount
when shopping in places where price lables are not there.
Be careful in dealing with road side vendors
who may not offer genuine goods at fair prices.
Myanmar arts and craft are purely hand-made
and is the best present items of Myanmar as lacquerware,
cotton fabrics and shoulder bags, Lotus shawl.


Myanmar was one of the main exporter of rice and grain in South East Asia. But after 1988,
Myanmar has replaced for exporting with teak log and beans. Now a day,
there are started in Stock Exchange market that has 3 companies now and many new
joint venture companies looking for their opportunities to start invest in Myanmar.
Still now, many Myanmar families are depending in agriculture .


Wearing light casual wear for all year round. Now a day, because of free media and broadcasting ,
Myanmar was influence by other culture of the world mostly from South Korea.
Traditional Myanmar are proud of their long black hair for ladies and woman and kept their
costume as traditional. Both of boy and girls are wearing Longyi looked like sari of hindu but different.
We call longyi for man is Pa Soe and for woman is Hta Main.


Drink only bottled or boiled water.


Government Offices : 09:30 to16:30 and operate only in week days.
Close in week end and public holidays.
BANKS : 10:00 to 14:30 and operate only in week days.
Close in week end and public holidays.
Private Companies : 09:00 to 17:00 in Week days and 09:00 to 13:00 in Saturday.
Close in Sunday and public holidays.


Government Radio Broadcasting
Myanmar Television ( Mrtv ) & ( Mrtv-4 )
Myawaddy Television ( Mwd )
Myanmar National Television ( Mntv )
Myanmar International Television ( Mitv )
The Global New Light Of Myanmar Newspaper
Kyee Mone Local Newspaper.